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Your Website Should Attract Customers

When it’s done well your businesses website will attract customers - done poorly it will scare them away!

A great website replicates the professionalism of your business online and becomes the digital face of your business - your shop front online.

Your website needs to replicate your sales process;

Attract Customers

Attract Customers

Ensure your website is ‘out there’ attracting customers. You wouldn’t open a shopfront and expect people to start walking in the door – you need to get your message out there, let them know where you are and what you do!

Impress Your Prospect

Impress Your Prospect

Ensure your website is a great ‘shop front’ for your business. It needs to grab their attention and make them want to learn more about you.

Provide Information

Provide Information

Ensure your website is a great receptionist for your business. It needs to clearly explain how you can help them, how your products/services match their need.

Get Leads

Get Leads

Ensure your website is a great salesperson for your business. You have grabbed their attention and answered their question, make sure they know what to do next – a clear call to action is imperative.


Are you training your receptionist but leaving your website to scare away customers?

Unfortunately, many businesses set up a website, and then forget it - we understand - your busy, but do you know how much this can hurt your business? You have customers and potential customers looking at your website everyday (or should do) - if they come to your website and it’s so out of date they aren’t sure you're still in business, or if they just can’t find the information they are looking for the WILL go to the next website.

Also did you know that Google crawls your website all the time and if Google doesn’t think you're still in business because your site hasn’t been updated in months (or years) they will just stop sending people to your website!

How valuable can a website be to your business?

10 years ago a website was a “nice to have” for a business, now it is critical. Even if you rely on referral business, I bet those referrals still check you out online before they contact you!

As the online face of your business a website is critical to;

Ensure you look professional


Attract new customers


Tell your story


Build you brand


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